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About Lora Lee Properties

Lora Lee Properties is the trusted source for real estate in the Carolinas for over 40 years. Through the use of creative, innovative approaches we assist our clients with buying, selling, or renting residential real estate. We keep the focus on the client and their needs. The most important asset in the real estate business is not homes, but our clients.

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Our Process

We understand buying or selling a home can be overwhelming. Our process provides a complimentary and efficient approach that has helped people just like you find a new place to call home.

From the moment you contact us, we provide a best in class service. 

Transparent Closing Procedure

Whether it's your first time or your 9th home, we keep you in the loop and explain all the important proceedings.

Signing a Contract

Real Estate Resource

After doing business with us, we'll become your trusted source for real estate resources.

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Buying a House

Prompt Response & Communication

We will provide an immediate response to help establish your expectations and criteria.

Minimalistic Kitchen

Streamlined Search

We will offer guidance to help you understand the current housing market and meet your goals.

Who We Are

Randy Wall is the owner/manager of Lora Lee Properties LLC.  His love and interest in real estate goes back to his childhood days as he tagged along with his grandfather, Colie Wall, who was one of the first licensed real estate agents in NC.  He bought his first piece of real estate in 1976.


Randy has owned rental single family homes, condos, and mobile homes in NC, SC, Alabama, Kentucky, and Ohio.  He has been involved in the discount real estate note industry since 2014 and was honored in the Noteschool member competition with the “best papered deal” in 2016.


Ann Wall is a North Carolina native and an accountant and tax professional with over 30 years experience working with individuals, non-profits, and small businesses.


Together, they are the parents of 4 beautiful daughters and are doting grandparents to 7 wonderful grandchildren.  They live in the Charlotte metro area.

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