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Getting Out of the Way of Your Business

I came across a quote some time ago that went something like this: “Before I spend 4 hours cutting down trees, I will spend 6 hours sharpening my saw!” While I cannot verify that the quote is perfectly accurate, I hope you get the essence of what is being said: we are much more productive if we spend time “sharpening our saw”. I hope you take time to sharpen your own saw whatever is your real estate passion. I try to take time regularly to listen to podcasts and webinars… read books… and have interaction with like-minded real estate and note investors.

A few months ago, a friend recommended a book titled Who, Not How? By Dan Sullivan, head of a Strategic Coach. I commend the book to you. One of the key themes of the book is that you can grow your business if you will focus less on how do I do that and more on who can do that tasks and/or who can and will do that tasks with great proficiency so that I can concentrate on what I do well. It is not necessarily about learning to delegate and assign tasks as it is about learning to admit to yourself that you not only cannot do everything, but there are probably who can do a task better than you can.

The book, Who, Not How? is an example of that in that while Dan Sullivan has his name on the cover of the book it readily admits that he did not write the book because he knew there were others who wrote much better than he did. If you are considering how to grow your business, perhaps the way for you to do that is not to do more or be more, but to let others do things that you do not do as well.

Best wishes to you in all your real estate pursuits.- Randy L. Wall

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