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Getting to "Yes" in Working with Note & Property Sellers


In this edition of my blog, I want to focus on how to get the note seller or the property seller to say “yes” to getting a sale on their asset.   Isn’t that what every note buyer or property buyer want?   Every one who is a buyer wants to get the point where an agreement is made and a deal is done. 

Getting to “yes” for a buyer is relatively simple and really hard.    It is simple in that it involves perfecting some important yet simple tasks.   The first task is for the buyer to develop a relationship with the seller.    While it is important for the buyer to get to know the asset you want to buy,  it is also important to get to know the seller.   Who are they?   Listen to their story about their  life.  Do not be so eager to learn about the asset they want to sell.    While you want to get to that, build a relationship with them and find some common area that you earnestly share.   It may be a love for a sport or sports team or an interest in particular make of car.    Engage and converse with them and find a connection with them in a way that goes above and beyond what they are selling.

That leads me to bring up a second task that is  simple and also can be hard:   TO LISTEN.   So many property or note buyers talk about a  particular script they want to use and they want to say.   Why what we say is important, I believe perhaps it is more important to listen well.   I believe that today there are many people who are so concerned with what they will say back to another person that they do not listen carefully to what someone is saying.  

What should you be listening  for from the note seller or the property seller?   You should be listening to where is their pain.   Anotherwords, listen to learn to what is prompting them to want to sell the real estate note or the real estate property.   What does the note seller or the property seller need?    Do they need money to pay a medical bill or to take their family on a dream vacation?  Are they trying to sell a rental because they are tired of being a landlord dealing with tenants or toilets?     If you listen carefully, you will probably discover what the buyers need is and can craft a deal that could potentially work for not only the seller but also for you as the buyer.

Again, two things that are relatively simple and can be really hard are the keys for me in getting a note seller or property seller to say YES:   take time to develop a relationship with the seller and listen carefully to what the seller tells you.   

Thanks for reading this edition of this blog post.   I wish you success in all your investments.-  R.L. Wall

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