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January: Looking Back, Looking Forward

It’s the new year of 2022. Happy new year! January is the first month of the year. The name of this month comes from the Greek God Janus who had two faces: one face looked forward and the second face looked backward. January is a time to look backward and to look forward. I encourage you to do that in these January days.

Take time to LOOK BACKWARD. Look back over the events of 2021. What do you feel great about? What do you regret and (most importantly) what did you learn from that experience? What goals did you accomplish as a person and in your real estate and note investing business?

Take time to LOOK FORWARD. What changes do you want to make to yourself and in your investing business in 2022? While most of us want sudden and quick change, sometimes small changes are easier to absorb and make. Sometimes, small changes over a period of time can yield huge results. What changes in your business plan… in your person life… and in your goals do you want to make in these year? Are those changes driven by market conditions or by who you are and ways you want to grow?

The new year of 2022 is a blank slate before you. It is like a beautiful landscape that has never been trodden upon after a fresh snow. Look back, go forward, and make this a great year. Best wishes in all your real estate pursuits.- R.L. Wall

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