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Life Long Learning on the Cheap

This is the time of year when students are heading back to school at elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities. There are many folks who do not see the value of education and learning. While I can understand some folks feeling that they are interested in going to college pursuing a liberal arts degree, I believe that education should be a life long pursuit. Things change and the world around us changes. For example, when I was a teenager “online” was a term that was used around our house where Mom hung the clothes after they were washed and a “mouse” was a nasty rodent that my Mom was frightened of. In todays world of computers and the world wide web, those words mean something quite different for most people.

Today, I want to encourage you as a real estate investor and/or as a note investor to be a life long learner. There is always something new to learn. One of the reasons why is because the world is not only changing, but the real estate market and the note market is changing. While there are real estate guru’s and note industry leaders who can and will be happy to teach you through courses or mastermind events, I want to share ways you as a real estate investor and/or a note investor can be a life long learner “on the cheap”. These are educational opportunities to learn that either only will cost you the gift of your time and attention or a small amount. This is affordable education for those who are hungry to learn. They are as follows:

1. Real estate investor groups or meet up groups- There are real estate and note investor groups that meet in person or meet virtually. Some of the groups will cost a small amount compared to what you will learn and some of them are free except for the price of your time, gas, and perhaps a meal. Check out such groups in your area. Come to the groups early to get to know your fellow attendees, and stay after the meeting to get to know more. Listen to them and learn from them.

2. Videos on youtube and other sites- There is a lot of free education out there on youtube and other sites. Check out what is out there is what you are interested in.

3. Social media- Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. can be a good place to connect and learn from people. I encourage you especially to connect with those who are doing what you want to do. There are also a good number of people that write blogs that you might want to check out on a regular basis as one of their followers.

4. Lunch and learn- If you encounter someone in your community and/or at one of these meetings that is doing what you want to do, take the initative to invite them out for lunch, breakfast, or coffee. Pick up the tab for this encounter, and take good notes. While many real estate investors might not be able to give you a day of their time, most are willing to give you an hour of your time.

These are four ways to learn and expand your knowledge base that have proved invaluable to me in my real estate and note investing journey. I am grateful for those that have been liberal with their time and knowledge to me. Best wishes in all your investing pursuits.- R.L. Wall

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