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Be the Bank!!

There are many options when it comes to investing. One option is to put your monies in your local bank and earn monies from a certificate of depost or a market market account. It is certainly accurate that the return on your investment is minimal in these days. A second option is to invest your monies with a local investment broker in stocks, bonds, and such. Of course, you must be prepared for the roller coaster ride of the stock market as the market crests and it goes down.

A third option is what might be called alternative investments such as real estate investing and note investing. When you invest in real estate, you own a piece of land and perhaps a home. Of course, you must be prepared to pay taxes, insurance, and repairs on the property. When you invest in real estate notes, you legally have the right to receive payments as the real estate borrower signed a promissory note to make payments in the future for property they live in now. If something needs to repaired on the real estate property, the homeowner and borrower is the one who is responsible for that.

When you invest in real estate notes, YOU BECOME THE BANK! You have the right to receive payments for a certain term. Like a bank, you also have the possibility that the borrower might sell the property and pay off their promissory note early (increasing your yield on your monies). Another right you have as a note investor is that , like a bank, you have the right to foreclosure and take the property back for non-payment of the promissory note. So, which option is right for you? Would you rather own the real estate or be the bank! Both options can be wealth building strategies and are alternative investments.

Best wishes in all your real estate pursuits.- RLW

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