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Owner Financing: A Tool to Building Wealth

There are some folks who believe that owner financing is a last resort to sell a property. That might be the case if the property has not sold in 90 plus days or the borrower cannot qualify for conventional financing. However, owner financing can also be a good alternative for another reason: to build wealth and passive cash flow.

Here are a few reasons why financing a property you own might be a good tool for you:

· Receive interest income instead of rental income without the challenges of tenants, trash, and toilets

· Increase the selling price- Homes that are owner financed can sell for more money because you are offering the prospective buyer something

· Increase the number of prospective buyers- More prospective buyers can qualify for owner financing than can qualify for conventional financing

· If you sell a property through the installment method, you can have some tax advantages by deferring capital gains

Owner financing perhaps should be seen not as a last resort, but as the first option. If home financing is such a bad option, why do most banks make so much money and seek to do it? Best wishes in your real estate and wealth pursuits.- RLW

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